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A free trial of this ground-breaking online normative assessment from the UK measures your emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace across an incredible 18 traits.


This free trial ends on 9 March or when 9 assessments have been taken up, whichever comes first.

Why flowprofiler®?


“Although it is called “Profiler”, it is exactly NOT doing this, “profiling” people, aka “putting a label” on people. Unlike other personality tests and profiling tools, flowprofile®r is more a blind-spot-finder – and I like that. It does not put a sticker on people but rather gives some insights in who they truly are.”

Alexander Trost, Founder ATvisor


Motivation, resilience, social and emotional intelligence are all important in the workplace. Organisations that look to develop in the areas of strong leadership, focusing on the future, creating a resilient culture and looking to the future have strong foundations from which they can develop.

The flowprofiler® gives leaders and L&D professionals the data they need to help people identify their strengths, where they can develop and most importantly how they can develop. Often, the smallest adjustments can have the biggest impact in workplace relationships.

It draws on the latest research in emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace. It measures individuals and teams both day to day and under pressure. It gives unparalleled rich insights and helps you understand what makes up optimal experiences for them without burning out.

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