eqflow®: assessment

Regard for Others:

Shows confidence in others. Trusts, values and
appreciates colleagues. Is supportive and kind.

Emotional Awareness:
Understands their emotions.
Mindful of own reactions. Approachable.
Reflective and intuitive.

Social Awareness:
Observant and attentive.
Considerate of others.
Identifies and attends to mood changes in others.

Self-assured. Contributes and adds value.
Self-reliant. Unfazed by challenges.

Emotional Regulation:
Responds appropriately.
Composed under pressure.
Regulates behaviour. Emotionally consistent.

Unique features of eqflow®:


  • Broad measure: eqflow® measures across 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

  • Deep insight: measures emotional intelligence day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

  • Our unique eqflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overuse or underuse of your top and lowest scoring dimensions.

Personal benefits of using eqflow®:

  • Increased personal effectiveness.

  • Improved relationships at work.

  • Enhanced well-being.

  • Increased leadership ability.

  • Greater personal resilience.

Assessment Reports

Management – To provide managers and coaches the results of an individual’s assessment for the purpose of personal development.  Includes additional probing questions for coaches and managers to ask.

Interview – To provide interviewers with the results of their assessment for the purpose of job-fit. Includes interview questions.

Candidate - To provide the individual with some output from their assessment.  Given when requested.

Development – To provide individuals with the results of their assessment for the purpose of personal development

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