motivationflow®: assessment


Feels empowered and in control.
Makes own decisions. Organises workload.
Recognises their sense of choice.

Energised by purpose. Seeks feedback.
Monitors performance.
Wants to make a difference.

Driven by rewards. Competitive to achieve results.
Single minded in focus.
Seeks to improve performance.

Enjoys a range of pursuits.
Seeks work/life balance.
Takes time out to re-energise.
Concerned about the well-being of colleagues.

Prioritises personal development.
Seeks opportunities to grow.
Enjoys challenge.
Benchmarks against high performers.

Recognises the performance of others.
Praises quality work. Driven by achievement.
Responds well to praise.

Enjoys working with colleagues and having
a sense of belonging. Promotes group
activities. Looks for opportunities to network.

Unique features of resilienceflow®:


  • Detailed measure: motivationflow® measures across 7 dimensions of motivation.

  • Deep insight: motivationflow® measures motivation day-to-day and when under pressure.

  • Our unique motivationflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

Personal benefits of using resilienceflow®:

  • Greater engagement.

  • Self-sufficiency.

  • Better teamwork.

  • Stronger professional relationships.

  • Increased professional growth.

  • Empowerment.

  • Improved work-life balance.

Assessment Reports

Management – To provide managers and coaches the results of an individual’s assessment for the purpose of personal development.  Includes additional probing questions for coaches and managers to ask.

Interview – To provide interviewers with the results of their assessment for the purpose of job-fit. Includes interview questions.

Candidate - To provide the individual with some output from their assessment.  Given when requested.

Development – To provide individuals with the results of their assessment for the purpose of personal development

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