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Only 3 Group E³ sessions available. Last Personal E³ session open.


Organisations that want to develop personal excellence and a high-performance culture need to know what drives their employees.


For example, wellbeing and employee experience have been in the spotlight in 2019. Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2019 was themed Health Wealth Career. It cites employee engagement as the No. 2 human capital risk.


Similarly, there has been an upward trend in Forbes articles about healthy work-place culture, mental health and employee experience.


If you’re thinking the same, and are not yet sure what you can do, pick your COMPLIMENTARY Workplace Excellence Goodie Bag.  We promise, it’ll be worth your time.

In this 3hr session, your team will:

  • Know what, how and when someone is in flow and how this translates to consistently high performance even when under pressure.

  • Analyse and understand your personal flow scores.

  • Interpret a case study to draw out insights and action plans.

In this 2hr session, you will:

  • Gain insights around the concept of bringing your personal best to the workplace (without burning yourself out).

  • Meet peers in the corporate and consulting space.

RSVP by 28 February 2020.
Last 3 sessions.

RSVP by 28 February 2020.
Limited seats. Last session.

Thank you!

Sharmini Suthan

Managing Partner

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