resilienceflow®: assessment


Delivers messages with authority.
Has clear opinions and ideas.
Has a positive impact on others.
Controls situations.

Seeks views and ideas. Challenges work practices.
Tests assumptions.
Copes with limited information.

Persistent. Bounces back.
Deals with what is in front of them.
Thrives during periods of uncertainty.

Positive outlook.
Upbeat under pressure.
Focuses on what they enjoy.
Excited about possibilities.

Objective and rational.
Calm and calculated. Considers problems.
Separates emotions when making decisions.

Sense of internal worth.
Clear purpose. Recognises own strengths.
Speaks positively about themselves.

Unique features of resilienceflow®:


  • Detailed measure: resilienceflow® measures across 6 dimensions of resilience.

  • Deep insight: resilienceflow® measures resilience day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

  • Our unique resilienceflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

Personal benefits of using resilienceflow®:

  • Manage change effectively.

  • Grow your personal grit.

  • Manage stress better.

  • Develop and maintain a positive mindset.

  • Greater personal resilience.

  • Improve problem solving and creativity.

  • Value new experiences.

  • Embrace professional development opportunities.

Assessment Reports

Management – To provide managers and coaches the results of an individual’s assessment for the purpose of personal development.  Includes additional probing questions for coaches and managers to ask.

Interview – To provide interviewers with the results of their assessment for the purpose of job-fit. Includes interview questions.

Candidate - To provide the individual with some output from their assessment.  Given when requested.

Development – To provide individuals with the results of their assessment for the purpose of personal development

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