Building Trust Remotely

Building Trust Remotely

Objective and benefits of attending :

Is meeting online making it harder for you to build trust with your colleagues, direct reports or clients? Are you getting into drama at work because it’s more challenging to know what the other person thinks or is doing, when we’re all remote? Have you experienced conflict that occurred because you were working virtually?

Working online can be more taxing than working in-person. Research shows it’s more exhausting for the brain and more challenging for our interpersonal communication.

One effective way to build trust remotely is to make thinking visible when we’re online. When thinking is visible, you’ll be aware of each other’s agenda; understand what drives behaviour, and know what each person or project needs for success.

In this 2-module virtual workshop of 3 hours each, you will learn:
1. How to get more accurate information before acting through a simple 3-step process of Accept ➤ Enquire ➤ Act
2. How to make explicit everyone’s agenda and what everyone needs, for productive and efficient collaborations
3. How to think about, and give feedback that builds relationships
4. How to ask questions to create psychological safety for divergent thinking

✦ This online workshop is designed for interaction and participation.


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Can you guarantee that Building Trust Remotely will increase trust at my workplace?

    BTR stands a better chance of increasing trust levels at the workplace if enough people at your workplace begin applying the BTR tools so that there is behaviour and culture change. We highly recommend that two other people from your company attend the training so that you have the support you need to keep applying these tools beyond the workshop.

  • What difference will it make if I attend the training, when my boss is the problem?

    That is a great question. And the fact is, we don't have control over how others behave. We only have control over how we do. What BTR will do for you is give you the tools to manage your own responses. That way, you will come across as being calm and professional even if someone else is not. Managing your state will also allow you to have clarity, and to make evidence-based decisions. BTR isn't a magic wand for changing other people. But it is a strong clear process for reducing the time you personally spend in unnecessary conflict around a lack of trust.

  • Why should I invest in Building Trust Remotely, when we could just run a team building event like we have in the past?

    Team building events are great. And they would also be a good investment if they result in your team having new skills for building trust, most especially when it's difficult. With BTR, we promise that participants will leave with tools they can apply for life to build trust at work or at home. BTR may not have the same levels of rah! rah! rah! fun that a team builing activity has. And what's important is, participants of a BTR workshop will leave with effective skills to make thinking visible especially when we're online, so that there is better trust.

  • How is building trust remotely different from building trust in-person?

    There certainly are similiariities. What BTR does is, it addresses the how-to of visible thinking. When we are online, visible thinking makes it easier to build trust because so much is unknown about what other people are thinking or doing when we are working remotely. BTR will give you the tools to make thinking visibile in a way that is pyschologically safe and respectful. And when there is visible thinking, there is more trust.