the flowprofiler®

Driving optimal performance & well-being in the workplace

flowprofiler® approaches emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation as abilities.
flowprofiler® uniquely assesses across 2 states, day-to-day and under pressure. The comparison allows for rich insight on a person’s behaviour and how they utilise adaptive strategies in the workplace.

Through a professional or personal development plan, individuals, teams and leaders can develop and improve these abilities in the pursuit of the ultimate state of optimal performance and wellbeing.
The nature of the flowprofiler® and its well-rounded approach makes it a great tool for any leadership programme.

The combination of the factors of resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence makes the flowprofiler® perfectly positioned to develop leadership skills by bringing a new perspective and rich insights into performance success.

Distinct features

1. Centred on positive, engaging and relevant professional development concepts
2. Easy to read. Our unique flowprofiler® indicator gives a snapshot of progress.
3. Clear feedback. Reports highlight potential overused and underused dimensions offering clear focus for personal and professional development.
4. Takes job-fit to the next level with deeper insights on your candidate’s strengths and motivations to congruently develop leadership skills across the organisation.
5. Fulfills the requirements of full test validity and research.

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Focus development conversations with flowprofiler®. Improve professional relationships, team working and overall effectiveness. The flowprofiler® reports support strong collaboration and communication in the workplace. Improving listening skills, harnessing the positives in conflict, building trust, managing workplace stress and improving conversation skills underpin building and strengthening of workplace culture.

Create stronger all-round performers by building emotional quotient and developing social intelligence, resilience and motivation of your people. Develop personal excellence across your organisation. Develop leadership skills for higher engagement and optimal performance.

High performing teams are created by members who have a clear understanding of their strengths. flowprofiler® improves professional relationships and team working by building trust and increasing emotional intelligence.
Use the flowprofiler® team reports in team sessions, for benchmarking or analysis of team culture.



Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How do we use flowprofiler® to track progress on optimal performance and well-being in our organisation?

    the flowprofiler® assessment can be used as a pre and post measurement tool in a developoment map for talent, high-potential or leadership teams. Assesed uniquely on two states - day-to-day and underpressure; both before an intervention's start and reassessed in 12 months, you will have rich insights on a person’s behaviour and how they utilise adaptive strategies in the workplace.

  • Do you have a free trial of the flowprofiler®?

    Yes, we do if you are in HR, Learning or in a leadership position. You'll need to set aside 30min to do the online assessment and another 1hr to debrief your report with an accredited interpreter. Click the Free Trial button and give us your details. We'll send through the link for your free trial.

  • What types of reports do we get when we do a flowprofiler® assessment?

    Five(5) reports - Team. Development. Management. Interview. Candidate. You can download a sample report. Look for the Download report button on this page.

  • Do you accredit inhouse HR or Learning professionals as interpreters?

    Yes! It would be our pleasure. The accreditation process is virtual and tiered based on how you plan to use the flowprofiler® in your organisation. And, we have two Master Interpreters on our team who can help you through the process.