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Pitch to Win™

Getting to YES! in one go

Many leaders and technical professionals progress up the corporate ladder on the backs of their technical or operational expertise, and the basic presentation or communication skills they picked up at the start of their careers.

Now, they’ve hit a roadblock. They realise that to progress into more senior positions, they need to improve their conversational skills. They now need to present ideas, points of view, concepts from a business or strategical context (not just from an operational perspective). Many of their key stakeholders are internal and they need to build flexibility in communicating upwards, laterally and to their teams. They need to increase their emotional intelligence, improve their listening skills and conversational skills to demonstrate their leadership in turning ideas into reality.

Pitch to Win™ is for leaders and professionals who are proficient in their technical or operational skills, who now need to pitch with insights (not just data and tech-speak), in the right amounts and in the right manner, to help their stakeholders, internal or external, make decisions efficiently and effectively. It saves them, their stakeholders and the organisation time and reduces opportunity costs significantly.


• Speeds up understanding and decision-making about the issue or opportunity.
• Reduces time and opportunity cost in delayed decisions.
• Increases urgency and quickly moves decision making to action.
• Increase the ROI of meetings and presentations.




Learning Outcomes

1. Position your proposal clearly through the eyes of the decision-maker and increase engagement in your presentation.
2. Know that you have covered the important logical and emotional grounds for the stakeholder.
3. Clearly articulate your thinking and insights in a manner that decision-makers understand and approve immediately.
4. Reduce the number of questions and interruptions that will distract the decision-maker's attention or make them disengage.
5. Strengthen your personal, leadership and organisational brand and value.


Your Idea! – The Proposal, Solution or Recommendation

Defining the Stakes - Demonstrating your listening skills of what is important to the decision-maker.

Evidence, Inference, Impact


Stakeholder Audit - Analysing your decision-maker by building your emotional quotient map.

The State of Play - Increasing your emotional intelligence by demonstrating our ability to see common ground.

The Business Pivot – the Problem, Opportunity or both. Harnessing the positives in any conflict.

‘No’ Bank – Anticipating Questions & Objections to think on your feet during the presentation

Module 4: OPEN & CLOSE
Cross-check for Loopholes

‘The ‘ASK’




Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How is Pitch to Win™ different from Think on Your Feet®?

    Pitch to Win™ is for situations when you need to take your decision-makers from Point A (where we are now) to Point B (overcoming a problem or grabbing an opportunity); and you need a process to help you think, analyse and structure the communication flow to minimise opportunity cost and decision-making time while increasing your hit-rate.

  • If we are looking at a comprehensive communication development programme for our organsation, which programme comes first?

    Great! Are you planning programmes for different levels of participants? Or, are you looking at developing different types of communication competencies for a specific group? We work with clients in different ways depending on their answer to these questions. Let's chat. Drop us a message right now.

  • Which level is Pitch to Win™ targeted at?

    The more important question is what level of complexity in communication and thinking do you need to address. Pitch to Win™ comes in two versions - Pitch to Win™ Lite and Pitch to Win™ Complex.

  • Where does the remaining 20% of a presenter's confidence come from?

    That would be in knowing how to manage non-verbal engagment and visual presentation.

  • Who are the facilitators of Pitch to Win™?

    Our team of Pitch to Win™ facilitators are highly experienced in the communication and influence practice area; have done both live and virtual sessions across industries, levels of participants and countries. Download our brochure for more details about them.