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Think on Your Feet®


In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing, hybrid world…..
How might we be more confident when sharing ideas or answering questions?
How might we share our ideas clearly and convincingly as technical specialists or managers?
How might we harness the positives in a conflict and move to action faster?
How might we build trust to communicate, connect and collaborate better in teams?

The solution is simple. Trusted tools for workplace communication.

30 Countries. 12 Languages. More than HALF A MILLION TF®-ers worldwide.

Think on Your Feet® gives you tools to help visualise, organise & present your ideas quickly – even under pressure – for Clarity, Brevity, Impact®


Save time, energy and money. Workplace stress management in action.
• Less time in meetings. Handle conflicts efficiently.
• Less energy preparing what to say – and much less energy for your listeners to understand you. Improving the listening skills of everyone.
• Less money spent trying to clarify everything – be understood the first time. Improving the quality of conversations at the workplace.


Think on your feet training


Learning Outcomes

1. Gain confidence and become more persuasive.
2. Respond to difficult questions on the spot.
3. Get to the point and be memorable.
4. Deliver sensitive information.
5. Guide your listener’s response.
6. Stay in control of the conversation.
7. Ensure your message gets across.
8. Speed up exchange of ideas and information.


Module 1
Getting to the Point – Learn techniques on how to structure your ideas simply and clearly. Identify different informal situations and adjust accordingly.

Presenting Your Ideas – Use three-part plans to place your ideas into a simple, unifying structure. Learn how to slow down, improve your listening skills and organise your thoughts to answer questions fast.

When You’re Caught Off Guard – Learn how to deal with difficult, high-stake conversations. Make sense out of a mass of facts and explain step-by-step processes. Clearly.

Module 2
Handling Questions Quickly & Clearly – By following the “Rule of Three’s” you’ll learn to create logical pegs to hang your thoughts on. We also teach you how to close arguments effectively.

Using Visual Pegs as Your Structure – Visual representation will be used to support complex topics. We’ll teach you how to add depth to your message and become more memorable when thinking on your feet®.

Divide Information in Aspects or Perspectives – Address issues from different viewpoints. Here you practice expressing thoughtfulness, build emotional quotient and objectivity within your argument.

Module 3
Bridging from Question to Answer - Earn time, and respect, to answer the question correctly. In this module, we teach you how to handle tough questions with clarity and impact by improving listening skills for what is important to the other party.

Expanding Your Listener’s Perspective - Learn how to move from small details to the big picture, handle sensitive information and counter sweeping generalizations. Improve conversational skills and improve listening skills to handle conflict.

Module 4
Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground – Deal with controversial topics by negotiating a win-win outcome. Learn how to move to action and achieve results. Improve your leadership skills by increasing emotional intelligence while harnessing the positives in a conflict.

Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas – Show advantages to your listener by presenting benefits, not features. Here, we teach you how to employ the “So What?” test.



Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How is Think on Your Feet® different from presentation skills?

    Think on Your Feet® is for 90% of the communication we have at work - impromptu and in the moment. The thinking process to speak with structure with little or no preparation time is different from when making a presentation.

  • Who is the ideal target participant for this programme?

    Anyone! We have worked with C-level participants to individual contributors. In some organisations, it's a perfect fit for technical professionals to help them articulate technical information and be understood. It's a critical skill for leaders as they progress in the organisation. If you need teams to speak in the moment with Clarity, Brevity and Impact, then they need Think on Your Feet® skills.

  • When is Think on Your Feet® not suitable?

    When there is no opportunity to put the skills into practice post-programme. Or when the culture of the organisation isn't suited for team members sharing their points of view.