Leading Positive Results

Organisations use The Orange Frog workshop to:

  • Build a Culture of Positivity to unlock The Happiness Advantage – companies with this advantage have higher sales, higher productivity, better job performance ratings and a better bottom line

  • Build a more engaged workforce – increase engagement and motivation across the organization

  • Address negativity, silo-thinking and disengaged behaviour within the organisation by creating project and work routines that incorporate the 7 Happiness Advantage Principles

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • You or your team is feeling overwhelmed, stressed or ‘stuck’ at work - you notice pessimism and you want to change the negative narrative to a positive, energized theme

  • Increase your own and your team’s Happiness – as individuals and teams are happier, they work better together and produce stronger results

  • Build Social Support – as individuals, support
    within the organisation can be crucial to growth


  • Increase Resilience and Agility – respond to changes and disruptions faster

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