Tomorrow's Skills Today 2020 Virtual Series

Wednesday, 8 July 2020
1100 - 1230 SGT

Think on Your Feet®: Speaking spontaneously with Clarity, Brevity & Impact®

Tony Moore
PwC's Academy

Wednesday, 15 July 2020
1100 - 1230 SGT

Building Trust Remotely: Visible Thinking Builds Trust

Jacqueline Surin

Wednesday, 22 July 2020
1100 - 1230 SGT

Reset. Rethink. Results.™

Meenakshi Sarup
The Change Business

Synopsis & Profiles

Think on Your Feet®: Speaking spontaneously with Clarity, Brevity & Impact®


Been in a situation where you were stuck for words? Had a brain freeze? Worried about the impression you created?

Clear Speaking is Clear Thinking. That is the promise of Think on Your Feet®.


To analyse and structure our thoughts quickly to respond to a question or comment; or to put a point of view across, is a critical skill in today’s workplace. Having the right structure leads to being clear, being precise and memorable.

In 90mins, you will have 3 structures from this internationally-recognised and award-winning programme. Use these skills immediately at your next conversation, meeting or email.

Facilitator Profile

Tony is presently a Director at PwC’s Academy in Singapore where he specialises in designing & delivering leading edge learning workshops in Finance & Communications skills.   

Over the past 25 years, Tony has facilitated over 180 negotiation skills workshops across a broad range of industries, including Banking & Finance, Telcos, Manufacturing, Mining & Resources as well as various service companies including the accounting profession.  Over that period, Tony has conducted training for over 18,000 participants in finance, negotiations and other communications skills.

Tony is one of PwC’s leading workshop facilitators and has designed and facilitated workshops successfully in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sir Lanka, Thailand, France, USA, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Dubai, United Kingdom and Australia.

Tony is an accredited facilitators for ENS International.

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Building Trust Remotely: Visible Thinking Builds Trust

Visible thinking builds trust.


Is meeting online making it harder for you to build trust with your colleagues, direct reports or clients?


Are you getting into drama at work because it’s more challenging to know what the other person thinks or is doing, when we’re all remote?


Have you experienced conflict that occurred because you were working virtually?


Working online can be more taxing that working in-person. Research shows it’s more exhausting for the brain and more challenging for our interpersonal communication.


One effective way to build trust remotely is to make thinking visible when we’re online.


Want to learn how to? Sign up now for our mini experience of Building Trust Remotely.


In this session you’ll discover how to make thinking visible, so it’s easier to build trust. By the end of 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • how to adopt the simple 3-step process of Accept --> Enquire --> Act to get accurate information before acting

  • a quick way to make explicit everyone’s agenda and what everyone needs, for productive and efficient collaborations

  • how to think about, and give feedback that builds relationships

Facilitator Profile

Jacqueline trains managers and team leads to run engaging online meetings and collaborations, and to build trust remotely. She also produces and designs online trainings for virtual trainers and facilitators. Additionally, she coaches individuals and facilitate organisations internationally to turn the pain of conflict into a positive gain by learning how to step out of Drama@Work.


Apart from being a communications expert with more than 25 years’ experience, she is one of the leading Clean Language specialists in Asia. Clean Language is a methodology that raises awareness, builds attention, and cultivates group intelligence, even when there is conflict, for driving performance.


She has worked in the UK with the world’s Clean Language experts, namely James Lawley, Penny Tompkins, Caitlin Walker and Marian Way. She is also a licensee of Web Events That Connect from the UK-based web events experts, Rees McCann.


She is a specialist-partner of the Singapore-based consultancy, BeInClarity, an associate of Training Attention in the UK, and Change 3.0 in the Netherlands.  She has worked in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the UK and Lebanon. She has a Level 5 certification in coaching and mentoring from the UK-based Institute of Leadership and Management. She is also a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Level 1 Clean Language Facilitator, and the first certified Level 1 Systemic Modeller for group facilitation and organisational coaching in Asia.

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Rethink. Reset. Results.™

When you are more positive, you are more CREATIVE, more productive, less fatigued, more engaged and resilient in times of CHANGE.  In contrast, negativity affects productivity, creates stress and lowers creativity – this can pose a serious problem to your results, your relationship and to your health.

The good news is: Positivity can be learned. 

By the end of this virtual session, you will walk away with three RESET Practices that will help you pivot to positivity. Here is the agenda for our 90 min LOL (Live Online Learning):
•    Why we need Positivity NOW
•    What is Rethink. Reset. Results™️?
•    Learn 3 quick RESET Practices for building positivity

Facilitator Profile

Meenakshi is a coach and trainer focused on helping people successfully create change at work. As the founding partner and Manager of The Change Business, Meenakshi has worked with clients from many countries (including Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand).


Prior to starting The Change Business, she has 12 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Skill Development & Training and Quality Systems in 2 of the largest MNCs in the world today – Oracle Corporation and TATA Power.


Her coaching experience includes working with individuals and managers in large multinational organizations and nonprofits.


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